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While Alzheimer’s disease is the most common, there are many forms of dementia affecting up to 5 million elderly Americans. Initial symptoms are forgetfulness and difficulties recognizing people. Over time, symptoms become more severe and people living with advanced dementia may not be able to dress or feed themselves. In many cases, seniors with dementia are cared for by family or friends. If you are one of these unrecognized heroes of our society, you know how tough it can be. Your elderly loved one may often be confused and disoriented, becoming angry and frustrated without any apparent reason. Caring for someone with dementia requires a lot of love, devotion, and patience.

It’s understandable that providing dementia care can be overwhelming. At times, you may feel hopeless and even depressed. This is only natural. Not only is the job of caring for seniors with dementia demanding, your emotions are also tested. As the disease progresses, you may find it increasingly difficult to care for your loved one along with all the other responsibilities in your life. At times like these, it’s good to know you’re not alone. A dementia care service is a really great solution.

 Dementia care at home means that seniors can remain in a familiar and comforting environment. This is ideal as they are less likely to feel disoriented when in a place that they know well. It avoids any unwanted disruptions that will only cause additional anxiety and distress.

Where Can You Find Expert Dementia Care in Lowell Massachusetts?

J and J Homecare LLC is definitely one of the best agencies for in-home dementia care services. Operating throughout the Lowell Massachusetts. we offer compassionate and sensitive care for elderly people living with dementia. Our highly trained caregivers understand the challenges of growing older and associated memory disorders. If you want only the best care for your mom or dad, contact us. We’ll make a difference in their lives and yours.

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