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With life expectancy now longer than ever before, an increasing number of elderly people require some type of care as they get older. A home health aide or personal care assistant is one of the services that many seniors come to depend on. If you’re wondering what services to expect or what are the benefits of a home health aide for seniors, I’ll be providing some answers.

What is a Home Health Aide?

Home Health aide, is a specialized form of non-medical care. Aides receive training to help elderly and disabled people deal with everyday tasks that most of us take for granted. While each situation is unique, and personal care services will differ, there are some common duties of a home health aide that are quite common, like:

Assistance with bathing and other personal hygiene activities
Help with mobility, which would include walking, standing, sitting, and getting out of bed
Preparing meals and providing assistance with eating if needed
Check vital signs, like respiratory action, blood pressure, and heartbeat
Safety monitoring
Medication reminders
Liaising with medical professionals and family members on health and emotional issues.

Benefits of Home Health Aides for Seniors

The most notable advantage of using a home health aide service is that elderly people are able to live independently. Remaining in your own home as you grow older greatly improves your quality of life. Relatives and loved ones have peace of mind, knowing that their beloved mom, dad, or grandparent is receiving expert care and is safe in their home. A home health aide will monitor your health and inform healthcare practitioners if there may be a need for additional care.

Home Health Aide Service in Lowell Massachusetts

When the time comes to find a reliable home health aide service in Lowell Massachusetts for your elderly loved one, don’t leave anything to chance. Talk to the best home healthcare agency in the area. This would mean contacting J and J Homecare LLC. We understand the needs of seniors and the importance of providing loving care, with complete devotion to the individual and their unique personal requirements.

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